Liqour Soaps

This trio of liquor inspired soaps will be sure to lift anyone's spirits!

Choose between the spicy caraway-anise scent of aquavit, the juniper botanical scent of gin, or the woodsy scent of whiskey. If you can't decide on just one, no problem, grab one of each. Make it a gift by adding a gift box and wrapping at checkout!

These bars aren't just fun, they are great for your skin as well! Each bar is vegan and rich in aloe vera. Additionally, each specific spirit has it's own benefit.

Aquavit, being made with vitamin E rich caraway seeds, improves skin appearance.

Gin, thanks to the lovely juniper berry, provides smoother, softer skin.

Whiskey contains wonderful antiseptic capabilities make it a great for oily skin and a defense against acne.

The creamy addition of tussah silk to each bar helps soften and moisturize rough skin. 

Starting ingredients:  olive oil, coconut oil, rice bran oil, water, sodium hydroxide, aloe vera, cocoa butter, castor oil, liquor (either aquavit, gin, or whiskey), essential oils, and tussah silk. 

The final product, after saponification, consists of saponified oils of olive, coconut, rice bran, castor and cocoa butter, glycerin, aloe vera, water, liquor (either aquavit, gin, or whiskey), 100% pure essential oils, and tussah silk. The aquavit bar is topped with caraway seed and star anise, the gin bar is topped with juniper berries, and the whiskey bar is topped with wood curls.

Roughly 4 oz in weight. $8  ON SALE $6!