Safflower Anise & Orange

If you're a fan of anise, you'll love this soap's smell.  It reminds me of bike rides by the river in the summer time. It's a nice, clean, outdoorsy-licorice scent, also said to be an aphrodisiac... Orange essential oil is added for a more  sophisticated scent.

This fragrant bar is colored with dried safflower, a very healing plant.  A touch of  tussah silk is added for it's skin softening benefits. 

Starting ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, rice oil, sodium hydroxide, water, fresh-from- the-goat goat milk, cocoa butter, castor oil, safflower petals, tussah silk, essential oils.  

The final product, after saponification, consists of saponified oils of olive, coconut, rice, and castor; cocoa butter, glycerin, goats' milk, water, healing herbs, tussah silk and 100% pure essential oils.

Roughly 4 oz in weight. $8.50

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