About & Contact

Lora's Beauty grew out of the desire to provide quality, inexpensive, natural skin care products. A personal desire to limit dollars spent on body care products sent Lora digging on the computer to find ways to make her own. Lotion was the first endeavor and then family and friends talked her into trying soap.

For a couple years Lora sold her products to only family and friends. Information was gathered and products were enhanced but the overall goal in providing a quality, natural product inexpensively continues.

All the products from Lora's Beauty have been tested on Lora (and willing family members) and contain all natural ingredients and never any palm oil. Sustainability is always in the forefront of our thinking and therefore we use only eco-friendly ingredients.

I'm often asked if my soap contains lye, so to answer this question I wrote a blog post about the chemical reaction used in making soap. It's a better read than it sounds and I recommend clicking here to read it!

Lora's Beauty welcomes all comments and suggestions. Please email lora@lorasbeauty.com.