Dish, Soap & Brush Set

Each gift set includes one dish, one solid dish soap, and a bamboo dish brush.

Who wouldn't want an eco-friendly, beautiful gift that turns the everyday into something elevated? These dish sets will brighten any kitchen counter. 

Choose between the white square dish, handmade black maple leaf dish, or aluminium vintage dish.

White square dishes are 3.5" L x 3.5" W x 1.4" H and dishwasher safe. This set includes my square 4 oz dish soap which fit perfectly. 

Black maple leaf round dishes are handmade and 4.5" in diameter. They include a 4 oz round dish bar which are designed specifically for this dish.

The aluminium vintage molds are 2.75" square and include a 2.75 oz round dish soap.

Replacement soaps for each set can be found here.

Select corresponding dish scents below.

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