Spearmint Loofah

Starting ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, rice oil, sodium hydroxide, water, fresh-from- the-goat goats' milk, cocoa butter, castor oil, blue mica, titanium dioxide, essential oils, loofah.

The final product, after saponification, consists of saponified oils of olive, coconut, rice, and cocoa butter, glycerin, goats' milk, water, blue mica, titanium dioxide, loofah, and 100% pure spearmint essential oil.

Roughly 5 oz in weight. $6

Enjoy the clean, refreshing, sun-soaked aroma of spearmint in this pure, intoxicating bar. Embedded in each bar is a piece of loofah which is a wonderful way to exfoliate dry, dead skin.

You're sure to fall in love with the awakening scent of spearmint but don't overlook the skin benefits of this essential oil. It's anti-fungal properties will help calm most rashes and acne.

This beautiful white bar of soap, with a dusting of blue mica, is reminiscent of that warm seaside vacation you've always wanted to take or take again!

Enjoy a little luxury in your life!