Whipped Butter Cream $8

Whipped shea butter with a touch of cocoa butter is a luxurious defense against winter and other enemies of soft skin.  Shea butter is whipped with coconut oil and cocoa butter so it's extra light and fluffy. Shea butter is an excellent moisturizer, providing elasticity to skin and luster to hair. Try it as a hair balm to reduce frizzies or smooth on your skin after showering. This butter cream will be sure to become part of your beauty routine!  4 oz jar.

Treat this cream as you would any butter.  Warm temperatures, over 78 degrees will soften the butter. Colder temperatures will harden the butter.  Warm bodies, of course, melt the butter as it absorbs into your skin.

"The experience was easy and I received the products quickly. Loved the body butter. It worked great. The jar size was bigger than expected. Definitely a value. Would recommend the site." -E

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