Skin and Saddle Sore Salve $4 or $10

Been in the saddle too long?  Skin and Saddle Sore Salve (aka Watchmaker's Salve) is for those areas on your body that need just a little more help. Whether you're in the saddle a lot or working hard with your hands, this salve will help smooth out the rough spots.   

Contains all natural ingredients and a little eucalyptus oil to heal and soothe.  

Comes in either a 2 oz container which is great for slipping in a saddle bag or purse, or an 8 oz container which is good for dipping knuckles or elbows in while continuing to work with your fingers!  

"I have trouble with extremely dry skin on my hands, particularly in the winter. Needless to say this isn't a great situation for watch work. I have tried many, many solutions, but this stuff, conveniently called Watchmaker's Salve is the best by a wide margin. "  -J  Read the whole review here.

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