Honey Safflower Burst Goat Milk Soap $5

If you're a fan of fennel, you'll love this soap's smell.  It reminds me of bike rides by the river in the summer time, fennel plants lining the river bank in full bloom.  It's a nice, clean, outdoorsy-licorice scent, also said to be an aphrodisiac...  Colored with dried safflower, a very healing plant.  A touch of honey  is added to
ethereal bar for skin softening.  

All of Lora's soaps are made using the very finest oils, butters, and healing herbs.   Goat milk is added to the soaps for the pure luxury and moisturizing benefits it contains.  Bathing with these soaps is like bathing in lotion.  Lora's soaps are made via the cold process method , a method of soapmaking that is centuries old.   

Starting ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, soybean oil, sodium hydroxide, water, goat milk, cocoa butter, castor oil, honey, safflower petals, honey, essential oils.  

The final product, after saponification, consists of saponified oils of olive, coconut, soybean, and cocoa butter, glycerin, goats' milk, water, honey, healing herbs, and tantalizing essential oils.

Roughly 5 oz in weight.

I was sent a hand made bar of Honey Safflower soap for this review and I LOVE it! I used it tonight for the first time and it smelled soooo good!  
My hands were soft after using it and they didn't dry out. This particular soap is good for skin that is prone to rashes because of the safflower threads that are in it. The honey adds extra softness." -MR

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