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This beautiful bar is great for your skin and hair! It's 
made with dried Cascade hops brewed as a tea then used in place of goats' milk.

Cascade hops are the most widely used hops by craft brewers. They have a flowery, spicy, citrus-like scent and are rich in alpha acids. Alpha acids are commonly used in skincare products for skin rejuvenation. 
Used as a shampoo, brewed hops are wonderful for your hair adding extra shine.

A touch of honey is added to this soap to provide additional moisturizing benefits. The soap is then scented with lemongrass and cassia essential oils. Cassia essential oil has a soft, warm, citrus scent and when added with the lemongrass, the soap smells like a citrus beer on a warm summer day. 

For appearances a dried hop is added to each bar. You'll want to remove it when you shower as it's just decoration.

All of Lora's soaps are made using the very finest oils, butters, and healing herbs. Bathing with these soaps is like bathing in lotion. Lora's soaps are made via the cold process method, a method of soap making that is centuries old.   

Starting ingredients:  olive oil, coconut oil, rice bran oil, sodium hydroxide, water, hop tea, cocoa butter, castor oil, honey, essential oils.  

The final product, after saponification, consists of saponified oils of olive, coconut, and rice bran, cocoa butter, glycerin, water, hops, honey, and tantalizing essential oils.

Roughly 5 oz in weight.

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